Artist Statement

I've found that I can express my feelings and emotions with color, line, and shape much better than I can using words. This is why I'm attracted to abstract art.

My artistic process is about connecting my imagination, heart, mind, and soul. For me the creative process serves as a mechanism for reflection and transformation. It also enables me to immerse myself in a world of endless colors, color combinations, shapes, lines, and patterns.

Much of my inspiration comes from nature and music. I find that both of these create a strong emotional response inside me. I live in Iowa with the changing seasons. In spring, summer, and fall my garden and nature provides me with endless inspiration. In the winter I focus on the sky, the clouds, the sunrises, sunsets, the patterns of the bare trees, and the beautiful blue and violet shadows in the snow.

My love of nature and the intimate connection I feel in nature show up in the color palettes that I choose as well as in the organic shapes, and the kaleidoscope of patterns and forms. In my paintings, you may also see the influence of jazz music which I almost always listen to while painting. You might see this influence in my brushwork, abstract shapes, intense rich colors, and the rhythm of the expressive compositions.

The way I approach making an abstract painting is to start with a single color. I then add another color and watch what mood gets expressed with this combination. I then introduce more colors and watch them dance on the canvas. I compose an under painting and once the first layer is dry I begin to add more and more layers of paint incorporating patterns and shapes in order to harmonize the canvas as a whole. As I continue to play with the shapes and colors I try to find a balance and a compelling composition. This inevitably happens by choice, chance, and circumstance. As I work on a painting, the excitement of unpredictability, of happy accidents, serendipity, and the sense of discovery, is one of the main reasons why I do what I do.

My hope is that when you see my work you will experience the same joy and happiness that I experience when I'm creating these pieces, and be reminded of the immense beauty that surrounds us.

Joanie visiting with a friend during the opening of her "Windows" exhibit at Iowa Contemporary Art Gallery.

Joanie visiting with a friend during the opening of her "Windows" exhibit at Iowa Contemporary Art Gallery.